Thursday, January 31, 2008

Primal Politics

It's the last day of January and, in the political world, all eyes are on New York.

And Georgia. And California. And Illinois. And ...

Well, "Monster Tuesday," as MSNBC has dubbed the February 5th presidential primary, is just days away, with dozens of states and more than 1,500 delegates on the line. Senators McCain and Clinton appear to be have New York sewn up. The outcome elsewhere is much less certain.

Schenectady Democrats will be watching the results together, having organized a "Super Tuesday Celebration" at the Hibernian Hall on State Street. The brainchild of the city Dems' new Central Park election district leader Chuck Thorne -- a big-time supporter of City Council President Peggy King who is viewed by many insiders as an up-and-c0mer -- the party is an attempt to cultivate and woo new party activists; new blood for what has proven to be a highly successful organization.

It's no secret that local Democrats are on a roll in the Electric City. And they're getting results; take a walk through downtown this weekend. But they're not about to rest on their laurels. Witness Tuesday's team-building social. They want more -- more volunteers, more leaders, more candidates, more ideas, more success.

Meanwhile, Schenectady Republicans lost their way years ago. They're on the mat and the Dems aren't about to let them up.

The event at the Hibernians -- 1748 State Street -- begins at 9. I'm sure all are welcome. But, be prepared to be courted and then put to work.

And that's a good thing!

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