Monday, February 4, 2008

The one with the screaming squirrel ...

Let's face it, the stars of most Super Bowls are the TV ads; though, the Giants' upset win last night over the hated Patriots certainly stirred the soul. But, even non-football fans often watch the big game to get a good laugh at some of the most entertaining and extravegant mini-productions you're going to see on the tube all year. In fact, highlighting and replaying the commericials has become an industry -- perhaps an advocation, for some -- itself.

Drew McLellan, a marketing professional from Iowa who has convinced me he's a blogging genious, devoted today's "Marketing Minute" celebrating the Super Bowl ads. Here's what Drew had to say earlier today:

The real SuperBowl competition

We already know thought we knew who was going to win the football game, so we might as well turn our attention to the real competition -- which TV spot will win the hearts and buzz of the viewers?

Firebrand has declared Monday, February 4th as "Firebrand Monday" where they will celebrate the mother load of creative TV spots shown on the SuperBowl.

On Monday morning, will have only the best of the previous day’s commercials ready for download, allowing viewers to share and rate them all, and to decide for themselves which spot wins the coveted “Firebrand Water Cooler” trophy.

On their Monday evening TV show (find out where it's showing in your area) , the hour will be dedicated to major ads from the Super Bowl, featuring Celebrity CJs such as Reebok's "Office Linebacker" Terry Tate and Carmen Electra, who makes her Super Bowl debut in an ad for Hershey's "Ice Breakers."

If you love ads -- you'll enjoy Firebrand's show. Not just on the Monday after the SuperBowl, but every week. You can view all the ads online as well.

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