Sunday, January 20, 2008

Starting over for the first time

Congratulations! You've found the debut of "At the Keyboard," my second attempt at my first blog. Or is it my first attempt at my second blog? I'm not quite sure and I'm not sure it matters all that much. But here I go again.

As a member of the Schenectady City Council, I attempted a city issue-oriented e-discussion -- "Schenectady POV" -- but it never got off the ground. As the kids say these days: "My bad." I eventually pulled the plug, saying I didn't have the time necessary to devote to a lively, current back-and-forth. But, in reality, I wasn't sold on blogs; I'm a professional communicator of three decades who was used to seeing my words (and thoughts) on paper. And -- God forbid! -- my work as a journalist/writer/editor was hardly ever open to commentary from the reader.

Hey, I'm the one with the degree in journalism; the one with the traditional communicator's resume!

Well, I was wrong.

Blogging and the other new media is here to stay. And, more importantly, it's been embraced by all facets of society. Those who refuse to share in that e-group hug are missing the point, and missing the boat.

Those who have a message to get out -- whether it be a tip on grooming your cat or a sophisticated marketing plan for a major corporation -- have to include blogs and the like as part of their media stew. I'm a convert; in fact, an eager, enthusiastic convert.

So, "Schenectady POV" evolves into "At the Keyboard." I am no longer on the City Council -- enjoyed it very much and am very proud of what we did, but happy to be done -- and I still have some things to say about the city I love, the politics that still excite me and the path our society is on during these very interesting times.

I appreciate the interest and I look forward to an ongoing discussion. Because, though I came to blogging kicking and screaming, it's clear that it's not just the card-carrying news reporters and the j-school grads with good insights and provocative ideas to share. I'm excited to read what you have to say, not only about the issues I raise, but about what's on your mind.

Politics, policy, sports, relationships, whatever -- it's all fair game here. Please participate and thank you for bringing blogs to a place where even a paper-loving curmudgeon like me can join in.


Anonymous said...

Steven Bose, Executive Director of the Health Schools Network and Jeff Edwards of Schenectady County Environmental both members of the City of Schenectady’s Energy Advisory Board participate as vendors at the Paige Elementary School Energy Fair on Friday Night, January 18, 2008 . The Energy Fair was sponsored by Paige Elementary and the Schenectady City School District and Capital/Saratoga Energy Smart Communities c/o NYSERDA. Paul Tonko also visited the fair.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Frank looking forward to the exchange of ideas.

Ken said...

Good luck, Frank!! I look forward to reading your blog. See you on Metroplex!