Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

On this Earth Day, I am very proud of Schenectady's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and the steps it's taken to becoming more environmentally responsible. But it's not just Schenectady -- cities and towns across the nation, actually across the globe, have stepped up to lead the fight against global warming.

According to our friends at Yahoo, here are the top 10 green-friendly U.S. cities:

The Top Ten Greenest US Cities
The SustainLane 2006 US city rankings of the 50 largest cities is the nation's most complete report card on urban sustainability. The rankings explain how people's quality of life and city economic and management preparedness are likely to fare in the face of an uncertain future.

Portland, OR - 85.08
San Francisco - 81.82
Seattle - 79.64
Chicago - 70.64
Oakland - 69.18
New York City - 68.20
Boston - 68.18
Philadelphia - 67.28
Denver - 66.72
Minneapolis - 66.60

For more, check out http://green.yahoo.com/living-green/.

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