Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zip it!

What's become of public discourse? Thoughtful debate? Issues and policy?

In this age of tell-all and celebrity, now our politics is riddled with sex and innuendo. TMI, Gov. and Mrs. Patterson. The state Capitol is not Maury. It's not even Oprah!

I don't care who slept with who when. As long as it doesn't affect the operation of our government and no laws were broken, what goes on in a relationship is between those in that relationship (and, in the case of the former New Jersey governor, their driver).

Of course, character matters. But we elect people based on their intellect and positions, and I don't mean their sexual positions. Bill Clinton may have done some inappropriate things with an intern and a cigar, but he was a darn good president. I am confident that Gov. Patterson will be someone of whom we can be proud as our leader. Let's judge the man on his policies and sensitivity to the needs of New Yorkers. That's all that's owed us.

Meanwhile, politicians and public figures: We don't want to know. Really, we don't!

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