Friday, March 30, 2012

Indomitable spirit, with fries, to go

It's increasingly difficult to find good news these days. Joblessness, climate change, war ... it's enough to make you want to put some Jack Daniels in your morning coffee as you peruse the newspaper. But, at least this morning, readers were treated with the heart-warming and gut-filling news that Jumpin' Jack's is back. And the story is more about perseverance, loyalty and hope than it is about burgers, onion rings and those oh-so-delicious vanilla milkshakes that Jumpin' Jack's has served for decades.

At the end of August, Jumpin' Jack's — on the shores of the Mohawk River in Scotia, right over the bridge from Schenectady — was under water. Literally under water, thanks to the rains of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. While there was never any suggestion that the famous hamburger and ice cream stand wouldn't re-open, there was a lot of apprehension, maybe even a little doubt, on the part of some regulars. I mean, the place was under water!

But, it didn't stop the owners, the Lansing Family, or their incredibly loyal and dedicated staff. No, they had their eyes on the last Thursday of March, Jumpin' Jack's traditional opening day, from the moment the Mohawk receded. And yesterday, they served their first first cheeseburger at 11 a.m. Right on time.

Jumpin' Jack's has always been about more than fast food and summertime to the locals. Now it's about heart and community.

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