Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're on Hiatus!

I haven't posted in a month and my apologies for that. My family and I spent nearly 2 weeks in wonderful Key West and, upon my return, I was recruited to help out with Mark Blanchfield's NYS Assembly campaign. Mark is like a brother to me and I am determined to do whatever he needs to get elected to the 105th Assembly District.

But to do that job justice, I need to divest myself of a few things and -- reluctantly -- "At the Keyboard" needs to be one of them. Time is at a premium but, more importantly, I don't want this blog to become too partisan or too single-topic. So, I'm going to break it off for a few months and will return in the fall with all new thoughtful insights, witty observations and heart-tugging stories.

Oh yeah -- Vote Mark Blanchfield for Assembly!!!

See you in the fall. Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

Frank the fall is over. Where are you?